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4 Step Dazzling Rainbow Pom Pom Wand Tutorial

We can all use a little magic in our lives. And what can create more magic than a glittery, rainbow pom pom wand? Your kids will be casting magical spells before you know it with this easy DIY.

Everything you need to make the rainbow pom pom wand

Materials needed for making the ultimate magical pom pom wand

Step 1:

Step one of making your magical pom pom wand

Add glitter to your craft stick. Coat the top 4-5” of the stick with white glue. Spread it around evenly using a paintbrush or finger. Leave the top half-inch or so unglued since this part will be hidden. Over a piece of paper or paper plate, pour glitter onto the glue, making sure to coat the craft sick evenly. Set upright and allow to dry completely.

Step 2:

Magial pom pom wand step 2

Make your pom pom. Use any size pom pom maker. The 2” and 2.5” sizes work well for these wands. To achieve a confetti look, use multiple strands of yarn from different types and colors of yarn and hold them together as if it was one strand.

Magical pom pom wand step 2.2

Wind the pom pom with all strands together. To incorporate tinsel or metallic yarn, include a few strands with the yarn, continuing to add more tinsel as it gets to the end of each strand. (For help with pom pom making, check out “How to Make the Perfect Pom Pom” on my YouTube channel.)

You’re one step closer to making your dazling rainbow pom pom wand.

Step 3:

Putting together the magical pom pom wand

Hot glue the craft stick to the pom pom. Find the center of the pom pom by moving yarn aside, and apply about a blueberry sized amount of hot glue. Insert the craft stick (glitter side) into the hot glue making sure that the craft stick ends up in the center of the pom pom.

Adding the stem to the magical pom pom wand

The craft stick could go all the way through, so be careful to only go to the center. As a reminder, keep little hands away from the hot glue!

Step 4:

Step 4 of making your magical pom pom wand

Embellish. Tie yarn, ribbon, trim, etc. around the craft stick directly under the pom pom. About 4-6 pieces should do the trick. A dab of hot glue under the ribbons or in the knots can help keep the ribbons from sliding off or coming untied.

Putting together her magical pom pom in the Luau lounge

Kids can also decorate the craft stick using markers or stickers to make their own wands unique!

Collaboration with iloveplum
By Sarah Freeman from Apricot Polkadot

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