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DIY 3 Ingredient Face Mask Recipe from a Holistic Aesthetician

Are you looking for a group activity to keep your troops occupied, and looking and feeling great? This DIY 3 ingredient face mask is the perfect opportunity for some Mommy & Me time. Made with ingredients you’ll already have in your kitchen, this is the perfect evening activity for you and your babes! So kick your feet up, put some cucumber slices on the eyes, and BREATHE.

Materials & Ingredients

  • Small Mixing Bowl (we like these ceramic ones but you can use plastic if you are doing this with your kids!)
  • Mixing tools (we used these face mask brushes, but you can use plastic utensils, chopsticks, or anything you have laying around!)
  • Food Processor
  • Measuring Spoons
  • High Fat Plain Yogurt (we like Total Fage but any brand works!)
  • Flaxseeds OR Coffee Grinds OR Rolled Oats
  • Avocado OR Papaya OR Banana OR Strawberry
Materials & Ingredients for the 3 Ingredient Face Mask
Materials & Ingredients for the 3 Ingredient Face Masks!

Recipe Combos & Benefits

  • Yogurt + Avocado + Crushed Flaxseeds – use this combo for dry skin!
  • Yogurt + Papaya + Coffee Grinds – use this combo for devitalized skin!
  • Yogurt + Banana + Rolled Oats – use this combo for sensitive skin!
  • Yogurt + Strawberry + Crushed Flaxseeds – use this combo for combination skin!

How To:

Step 1: Mash up the avocado/papaya/banana/strawberry and grind up the flaxseeds/coffee grinds/rolled oats in a food processor.

Piper mashing up avocado for her face mask!
Piper mashing up avocado for her face mask!

Step 2: Combine 1 tbsp of yogurt, 1/2 tsp of mashed fruit 2 pinches of granular ingredients, and a tiny bit of H20 and mix!

Finished face masks!
Finished DIY 3 ingredient face masks!
Left: Yogurt, Avocado & Flaxseed Right: Yogurt, Papaya & Coffee Grinds

Step 3: Apply your finished DIY 3 ingredient face mask generously, sit back, put your feet up and RELAX! Wash off after 10-20 min.

Piper & Mom relaxing with their DIY 3 Ingredient Face Masks!
Piper & Mom relaxing with their DIY 3 Ingredient Face Masks!

Real Review

“Piper and I tried these DIY 3 ingredient face masks last night and we had so much fun! She loved getting to apply the mask and feel like a ‘big girl’. Both of our skin felt SO soft after! I used the one for devitalized skin and Piper used the one for dry skin! We will definitely be doing these DIY 3 ingredient face masks again! I can’t wait to try a different combo!” – Lauren, @pipers_picks

“These are a fun representation of a DIY masks you could create from home with the kids!” -Traci, @tracitaylorcollective

Traci & Her Babe Using the Banana Mask!

About the Creator!

A former protégé of British perfume maven Jo Malone, esthetician Andrea DeSimone has garnered a loyal following among those with problem skin.  After battling cystic acne, eczema, and allergies throughout her teenage years, DeSimone developed her skills by experimenting with her own hypersensitive skin. Now with 16 years in the business, the esthetician has built her practice around the idea that every face requires its own personalized regimen.

DeSimone believes in simple solutions, working mainly with all-natural, organic products and relying on her hands, rather than machines, to nurture, detoxify, and revitalize her clients’ skin. Her signature service is an enzyme-and-lymphatic-drainage facial, which starts with identifying problem areas with her fingertips. She moves on to a gentle double-cleanse followed by toning, exfoliating with natural digestive enzymes, and extractions if necessary, then tops it off with a mask, facial massage, and work around the neck and shoulders.

You can find more about Andrea and book an appointment a!

Photos provided by @pipers_pics


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