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DIY Forever Floral Bouquet

Bring a pop of color and freshness to any room in your house with this DIY forever floral bouquet! This tutorial is so fun and easy you will be making these bouquets for every room in the house!


  • dried OR real flowers (make sure you have a variety of tall flowers, medium filler flowers, delicate flowers, and big bold flowers!)
  • scissors
  • twine OR ribbon
DIY Forever Floral Bouquet materials

DIY Forever Floral Bouquet

How To:

Step 1: Start with your taller, more linear flowers or greenery, we are using a pampas grass but you can use anything such as snapdragons, or gladiolas, and compile them in the front to create a background for your bouquet.

Step 2: Add your smaller “filler flowers” further down, in front of your taller flowers, in the bouquet. Think of creating a stairwell shape!

DIY Forever Floral Bouquet Step 1 & 2

 Step 3: Add your “bloom”, for me its anything with a bigger, and rounder flower. Start piling those lower and towards the front. Think of these flowers as the “show stoppers” and what you want to be seen the most.

Once you are happy with the base of your forever floral bouquet you can fill in your extra blooms and fillers to the back and around the side so it looks cohesive!

DIY Forever Floral Bouquet Step 3

Step 4: Add in the most fragile components that cant get moved or pushed around throughout the process. I like to add around the sides and love using these flowers as little pop of color!

Step 5: Trim the bottom of your forever floral bouquet so all of the stems are the same size and tie together with ribbon or twine! You can also just stick the arrangement right into a vase or jar!

These forever floral bouquets are perfect for photo shoots, an entry way or to add a pop of color to every room!

About the Creator!

Hi! I’m Caroline founder and florist at Florabrook. Florabrook is a floral design studio located in NYC. They specialize in creating unique textured designs for events, weekly clients, and installations while committing to sustainability.

Owner Caroline “Flora” Lahti grew up with a  family of entrepreneurs and knew someday she would be one herself. With a goal to share her love for nature and design, Florabrook was born.

You can head over to to learn more about us and order one of our special Forever Bouquets and follow us on Instagram @florabrookny

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