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Easy 4-Step DIY Rainbow Garland

Spice up your babes bedroom or playroom with this super inexpensive and easy DIY rainbow garland!


DIY Rainbow Garland Materials

How to:

Step 1:  Cut out the rainbows & cut felt to your desired shape to begin your DIY rainbow garland. Hot glue the rainbows onto the felt and decorate with sequins. 

Pro-tip: I bought a pre-cut felt garland at Target to save time and I highly recommend doing it that way!

DIY Rainbow Garland Step 1

Step 2:  Use a hole punch to add holes to each side of the felt and run a piece of yarn through to create the garland.

Step 3: Make your pom-poms using yarn of your desired color.  Make enough pom-poms to space them between each piece of felt.  Leave two long yarn pieces on each pom-pom to use to tie onto the garland. You can skip this step if you bought pre-made pom-poms!

Step 4:  Tie the pom-poms in-between the felt rainbows & trim the long strings to complete your DIY rainbow garland.

DIY Rainbow Garland Finished Product
Hang your DIY rainbow garland over your babe’s bed, bookshelf, or windows for the perfect pop of fun!

P.S. you can try this DIY garland with other shapes and cut-outs as well!

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I’m Kristen, a stay at home mom of a 5-year-old & 2-year-old. I live in Houston, TX  with my husband who is my college sweetheart and a rescue dog named Lola.

I am a knack for interior decor styling, crafting & DIYing, photography & and I have a side business styling for family photoshoots.  You can follow me on Instagram @kristensellentin and my business at @lovelylookingfamily. You can also check out my website at

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