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DIY Dazzling Glitter Stick S’mores

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that calls for a cookout, and what cookout would be complete without S’mores?! Jazz up your fireside dessert with these fun DIY glitter stick s’mores.


Glitter Stick S'mores Materials

How to Make the Glitter Stick S’mores

Step 1: Gather some sticks outside that are long enough for roasting a marshmallow.

Step 2: Use the duct tape to mark the spot on the sticks to stop putting glitter and glue. This will ensure no glitter and glue gets near your tasty mallow!

Glitter Stick S'mores Step 2

Step 3: Generously apply your spray adhesive to ensure your stick is fully coated below the tape. Add your glitter immediately and apply it liberally. Use whatever colors you would like!

Step 4: Let Dry.

Step 5: Roast your marshmallows to your liking, assemble your s’mores, and enjoy!

Glitter Stick S'mores Step 5

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Hi! I’m Francesca, the Sales Director for iloveplum. I live in New York City and my interests include fashion, travel, beauty, and crafting! You can follow me on Instagram at @chessyconti. I hope you enjoy this fun, easy activity!

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