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Simple Watercolor Ballerina Peg Dolls

Put a new spin on traditional clothes peg dolls with coffee filters! Using food coloring to dye the filters gives them a playful tie-dye look that only takes minutes. In almost no time, you’ll have a whole company of ballerina peg dolls ready to dance around your home!


How to:

Step 1: Separate paper coffee filters into stacks of 3. Each doll only needs one coffee filter to make her tutu, but it is easier to work with a few filters at a time, and each one will have a different look. Put about 1 tablespoon of water into a bowl and top with a drop of food coloring. Swirl the bowl around to mix slightly.

Step 2: Pinch the first stack of coffee filters in the center and gently crumple the ruffled edge together slightly. Dip the edge into the colored water and watch as it quickly absorbs into the filter. Set aside to dry on a baking sheet. Repeat this process with as many different colors as you like and then set the baking sheet in the sun and let the coffee filters dry completely.

Simple Watercolor Ballerina Peg Dolls Skirts

Step 3: While the coffee filters dry, prepare the bodies of your ballerina peg dolls. Paint a stripe of paint across the middle of the clothespin to look like the bodice of a dress. We use colors to match the coffee filters, but you can choose whatever colors you like! Let dry.

Simple Watercolor  Ballerina Peg Dolls Bodies

Step 4: Once the coffee filters are dry, separate them, and fold one into quarters. Use scissors to snip off the middle corner. Unfold.

Step 5: Slide the coffee filter onto the clothes peg and crumple and ruffle it until you’re happy with the look of the tutu on the doll. Slide the filter down the body slightly and apply glue to the spot where you’d like the dress to sit, sliding the filter back over the glue to attach the skirt to the ballerina peg dolls. If using white glue, you may need to hold in place for a few minutes. Hot glue works quickly but should be done carefully by an adult.

Gluing Watercolor Skirt on Ballerina Peg Dolls

Step 6: Add the finishing touches to your ballerina peg dolls: hair, a face, and ballet slippers! Use whatever colors of paint you like and let dry.

Finished Ballerina Peg Dolls

Now you’re ready to take the stage with your Watercolor Ballerina Peg Dolls!

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