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Super Simple Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Be a stow shopper at any party with these super simple marshmallow flower cupcakes!




  • Clean scissors
  • Butter OR frosting knife
  • Bowl for cut marshmallows
  • Plates for sprinkles

How to:

Step 1: With a butter knife, spread a thin layer of frosting on your cupcakes making sure to spread the frosting to the outer edges of the cupcake.

frosting cupcakes for marshmallow flower cupcakes

Step 2: Using the clean scissors, cut the marshmallows in half on the diagonal and keep in a bowl until use.

preparing marshmallows for marshmallow flower cupcakes

Step 3: Arrange sprinkles on plates for dipping the marshmallows into. You can do one color per plate or two or more colors if you want to mix the sprinkles together. For my sprinkle plating, I placed pink on one side of the plate and white on the other side of the plate and mixed the two colors in the middle to make an ombre effect and did the same for blue and black.

preparing sprinkles for marshmallow flower cupcakes

Step 4: Dip the marshmallows with the sticky side facing down to coat the marshmallow with sprinkles to create the “petals” for your marshmallow flower cupcakes.

creating "petals" for marshmallow flower cupcakes

Step 5: Arrange the marshmallow “petal” with the sugar sides up along the outside edge of the cupcake close together to begin creating your marshmallow flower cupcakes.

adding petals to marshmallow flower cupcakes

Step 6: Continue with 2-3 more rings of petals moving towards the center of the cupcake to complete cover the cupcake.

adding petals to marshmallow flower cupcakes

Voilà! Your marshmallow flower cupcakes are complete!

finished marshmallow flower cupcakes

Repeat on the rest of your cupcakes! Feel free to get creative and mix up the colors and patterns!

finished marshmallow flower cupcakes

About the Creator!

Hi! I’m Samantha! I joined the iloveplum team in March 2019 as the Production Manager helping the team bring their designs to life! I manage all of the development and production of iloveplum’s tutus, ready-to-wear products, and accessories.

In my free time, I am a total foodie – I love dining out at restaurants, cooking, baking, and trying out new recipes!

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