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DIY Queen of the Sea Crown

This easy DIY queen of the sea crown is perfect for dress-up and will have your babe feeling like a magical mermaid!


DIY Queen of the Sea Crown Materials

How to

Step 1: Cover the crown with yarn – I found the easiest way to do this was to cut in about 3ft pieces and wrap and glue as you go to make sure the yarn is secure.

DIY Queen of the Sea Crown Step 1

Step 2: Once you have wrapped crown completely layout starfish and seashells as you’d like to glue them – this way you can play around with the design. Once you have them arranged how you like them you can glue them onto your Queen of the Sea crown!

Step 3: Add in some rhinestones … because every Sea Queen needs some sparkle

DIY Queen of the Sea Crown Step 3

Now your babe is ready to wear her Queen of the Sea Crown and rule the ocean!

DIY Queen of the Sea Crown Finished

About the Creator!

My name is Olivia, most call me Liv. I’m half of the duo behind Life with Liv and Viv. Vivian is 2.5… full of love, life, sparkle and sass. Creating sweet treats, fun DIYs and all things mommy and me is our passion. We celebrate each day like it’s a holiday… which means you’ll find Vivian in a tutu and other sparkly accessories, such as some of my creations from All Shine Designs. You can find all things sparkly and magical at:

I believe in making each moment as magical as I can, because I’m extra like that! You can find us on our magical mother-daughter journey on Instagram @lifewithlivandviv and @allshinedesigns. 

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