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Girl Power DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt

This Girl Power DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt makes the perfect top for all of your little babes! Pair it with shorts, over a swimsuit, or our favorite, with an iloveplum tutu for a cool summer look!


DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt Materials

How to:

Step 1: Create a stencil for your t-shirt! I created the stencil by printing on cardstock and carefully cutting out the words but you can use sticker letters for the reverse effect!

Step 2: With a clean & dry shirt, use painters tape to secure the stencil to shirt.

DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt Step 1

Step 3: Spray paint shirt, repeat every 5 mins for the desired color, let your DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt dry 30 mins. It’s recommended not to wash shirts for 72 hrs but we still wore ours immediately after it dried!

DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt Step 3

Finally, Pair your new Girl Power DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt with your favorite iloveplum tutu!

DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt

Bonus: Tie-dye your t-shirts before spray painting on them for an extra layer of cool!

If you loved this Girl Power DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt tutorial be sure to check out our DIY 5-Step Colorful Tie-Dye Tutu how-to!

About the Creator!

Hi, I’m Shannon (Mama to the Johnson girls)! I live in Bettendorf, Iowa. I’ve recently transitioned from a working woman in the corporate world to a full-time mama to my three little girlies, Kennedy (5), Cameron (3), & Emerson (1). My passions are Jesus, my girls, their matching wardrobes, and being anywhere with sand, sun, & water. 

You can find me chasing my wild warriors all day long from our playhouse tea parties to backyard yoga sessions all while eating way too much sugar, being way too loud, and praying my girls always view the world with rose-colored glasses (with sparkling glitter frames, of course)! 

You can follow me on Instagram at @shanjohnson85!

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