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DIY Iridescent Desk Under $65

Give your babe’s playroom or bedroom a major upgrade with this DIY Iridescent Desk! This cheap DIY looks super expensive and will give a fun and cool place for your babe to do homework!


DIY Iridescent Desk Materials

How to:

Step 1: Have your materials ready and begin by building the desk.

Step 2: Once built, roll the iridescent paper over the surface of the desk. Place a heavy object (like a book) on top of the sheet to prevent it from moving around and creating creases. Continue to cut out the silhouette to fully cover the desk.

DIY Iridescent Desk Step 2

Step 3: After you made your cut, you’re going to remove the cutout from the surface and spray the adhesive onto the desk. Carefully apply the cutout onto the surface. Applying it evenly and slowly will help prevent air bubbles.

Step 4: Trim any unnecessary edges off your DIY Iridescent Desk.

Step 5: Once you’ve trimmed the edges, grab the tape and begin to tape around the edge of the desk catching both the edge of the paper (if necessary) and the desk to create a flushed surface on your DIY Iridescent Desk.

Finally, decorate your new DIY Iridescent Desk with flowers for an extra pop of fun!

DIY Iridescent Desk Finished

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