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DIY Rainbow Hair Clip

Your babes will be spreading love and magic with these Fabulous DIY Rainbow Hair Clips


  • Cotton Cording
  • Yarn (3 or 4 different colors)
  • Felt (preferably a color to match one of the colors of yarn!)
  • Tape
  • Hair Clips
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Sharp Scissors

How to

Step 1: Lay out the cotton cording the the shape and desired size of your rainbow.

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 1

Step 2: Cut the cotton cording and tape the ends to prevent unraveling.

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 2

Step 3: Wrap one color of yarn around each piece of the cording, tying off at the ends.

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 3

Step 4: Glue the felt on as a backing to hold the pieces together and keep the shape.

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 4
DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 4

Step 5: Glue one of the clip to the felt backing.

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 5

Step 6: Trim the extra rope cording on your DIY rainbow hair clips.

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Step 6
DIY Rainbow Hair Clip Finished

Now clip these adorable DIY rainbow hair clips in your babes’ hair and let them play!

DIY Rainbow Hair Clip on the Girls!

About the Creator!

Hi! I’m Jessen, a girl mama currently living in Virginia. I am an avid DIYer and lover of home projects. I enjoy adventuring with my family, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with our two big puppies, Lucca and Enzo. Most of all, I just love finding the beauty in our everyday lives.

You can follow our adventures over on Instagram @jessen.schulman!

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