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Easy 3 Step Rainbow Foam Activity

This rainbow foam activity is so quick and easy to do and will have your little ones entertained for hours!

Materials for Rainbow Foam Activity

Coloration Water Color Paint
Coloration Water Color Paint

Step 1

Pour all ingredients into a large mixing bowl using one color at a time, keep adding water color paint until it is your desired shade.

Piper Pouring In The Ingredients!
Piper Pouring In The Ingredients!

Step 2

Mix ingredients together using an electric mixer for about 2 minutes.

Piper Mixing Up the Ingredients!
Piper Mixing Up the Ingredients!

Step 3

Scoop foam into a large plastic tub and repeat all steps with the next color.

Piper Getting Her Rainbow Foam Activity Ready for Playtime!
Piper Getting Her Rainbow Foam Ready for Playtime!

Hooray! Now it’s time to play with your rainbow foam!

Be sure to take tons of pictures of your babes playing with their rainbow foam and tag us @plumnyc!

Playing with the Rainbow Foam Activity

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About the Creator!

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a stay-at-home mom of two (very active kids), living in northern California. Piper, the babe in all of the pics, is a very energetic 3 1/2 year old who has a love for tutus and princesses, and also loves the outdoors and bugs and anything that makes a mess. 

Piper started modeling as a baby but it was too overwhelming for her. Since I have always loved kids fashion and I started to grow my love for photography, I decided to create @pipers_picks where Piper and I could have fun dressing up, being silly and support our favorite brands. 


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