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DIY Colorful Dinosaur Ballerinas

Take your T-rex from Jurassic Park to dance class with these DIY colorful dinosaur ballerinas!


Materials for Colorful Dinosaur Ballerinas

How to:

Step 1: Get your workspace ready for your DIY colorful dinosaur ballerinas by covering it with a plastic table cloth (garbage bags will work too), it’s going to get messy! Have your materials ready.

Step 2: Grab an empty cardboard box, place the dinosaur inside and begin to spray paint all around. Allow the dinos to dry completely! If you just want to hand paint skip this step (and go straight to Step 3)!

Spray Painting Colorful Dinosaur Ballerinas

Step 3: Begin painting the dinosaur with the acrylic paint! You can use regular paint brushes or sponge brushes depending on what effect you want! Repeat this step on each dino and let them dry completely.

Hand Painting Colorful Dinosaur Ballerinas

Step 4: While you are waiting for the dinos to dry you can begin creating the tutu by taking the tulle and making a gathered stitch (Starting on one side from edge to edge [length wise] begin to create a weaving motion with the needle collecting several tucks of fabric at a time).

Tulle for Colorful Dinosaur Ballerina Tutus

Step 5: To add glitter to your colorful dinosaur ballerinas fill an empty cup with ¼ cup of water and ¼ cup of Elmer’s glue. Using your sponge brush apply the solution onto the dinosaur. Start sprinkling your glitter onto the dinosaur. Let your dinosaur dry completely

Adding glitter to Colorful Dinosaur Ballerinas

Step 6: Take two pieces of gathered tulle and bring the edges together. Grab your dinosaur and carefully begin to place hot glue all around the center. Laying the tulle on top of the glue. Allow to your colorful dinosaur ballerinas to dry!

Adding tutu to Colorful Dinosaur Ballerinas

Use your colorful dinosaur ballerinas as decorations in your babes room, toys or party favors!

About the Creator!

Hi!! I’m Cindy, the designer at iloveplum, born, raised, and currently residing in NYC. I live with a furry roommate whose name is Fumbles. I’m an avid adventurer. I love fashion. Creating designs is something near and dear to my heart. My passion for design stems from my inspiration.

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