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Furry Friend DIY Treasure Box

Your babe will have an adorable secret spot for all of her favorite things with this furry friend DIY treasure box!


  • 1 Small Circular box (I used a carton from a cheese wheel but you can use an old gift box or anything you have around the house!)
  • 1 Piece of lightweight cardboard (I used an old cereal box!)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot Glue Gun or PVA Glue
  • Animal Face Printable (optional)

How to

Step 1: Paint your box with white paint.  You may want to paint 2 or 3 coats depending on the thickness of your paint and color of your packaging

Step 1: Paint DIY Treasure Box

Step 2: Trace around your box with a pencil on the sheet of cardboard to help you design and locate your furry friends’s facial features for your DIY treasure box.

Step 2: Trace DIY Treasure Box

Step 3: Use a pencil to draw your creature’s face, if you plan to layer your cardboard be sure to draw the layers next to each other rather than on top.  You can also use the Animal Face Mix and Match printable to design your perfect creature!  Simply print, cut out and trace around the templates.

Step 3: Make face for DIY Treasure Box

Step 4: Cut around your pieces carefully using a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 4 Cut out face for DIY Treasure Box

Step 5: Paint your facial features for your furry friend DIY treasure boxes any color you desire.

Step 5: Paint face for DIY Treasure Box

Step 6: Glue it all together! Start by mounting any layered pieces, then position them on the boxes.  We used a hot glue gun for speed, but PVA glue will work in a pinch! If you have tricky ears make sure you overlap the top of the box slightly or glue in extra pieces of cardboard in an L shape underneath for support!

Step 6: Glue on faces for DIY Treasure Box

Fill your furry friend DIY treasure box with all of your favorite things and squirrel them away!

Fill your DIY Treasure Box

You can try making these DIY treasure boxes with all different shapes and animals!

Different DIY Treasure Boxes

About the Creator!

I’m Kathryn, Interior Designer turned cardboard enthusiast and chaos co-ordinator to 3 small folk, living in sunny Queensland, Australia.

My weapon of choice is the hot glue gun and on any given day you can find me crafting my way through the recycling bin.  Mailing boxes are my love language!

With a background in design, I bring a love of architecture and engineering to the crafting table, I thrive on testing the limits of what can be created from cardboard. I always have a project, or two, or three on the go.  A classic procrastinator. A serial writer of lists.

I started Cardboardfolk to foster a love of creation and recycling in my children.  I’m all about tapping into the potential of the everyday object, the overlooked and discarded, and giving them new life.  You can find more ideas over on Instagram @cardboardfolk!

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