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Simple DIY Ghost Bowling Game

This Halloween season may not be filled with trick-or-treating, costumes, or goblins, but it can still be loaded with fun! This simple DIY Ghost Bowling Game is sure to keep your little babes occupied for weeks.


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Plastic Mason Jars
  • Sponge Paintbrush
  • Sharpie or Black Acrylic Paint
  • Soft pumpkin ball
  • Optional: Tulle Ribbon for decor, interest & texture as well as a filler for inside the jars to make them heavier in order to make it harder to knock them over.
DIY Ghost Bowling Game Materials

How to:

Step 1: pick your favorite paint and let the little hands help you paint the plastic jars.

DIY Ghost Bowling Game step 1
DIY Ghost Bowling Game step 1

Step 2: After allowing the main color paint to dry, use black paint or sharpie to draw a ghost face.

DIY Ghost Bowling Game step 2

Step 3: Allow all the paint to thoroughly dry and then return the lids back on the plastic jars. You can fill the jars with crinkle paper, candy or leave them empty.

DIY Ghost Bowling Game finished

I added a tulle ribbon and tied it around a few of the jars to create more texture and interest for our DIY Ghost Bowling Game. We also made those with the ribbon worth more points if she could knock them over!

DIY Ghost Bowling Game finished

Set up your spooky pins and let your babe try out her new DIY Ghost Bowling Game!

DIY Ghost Bowling Game Play time!

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