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Spooky DIY Ghost Wands

Twirl around and do a Halloween dance with these Spooky DIY Ghost Wands!


  • Yarn
  • Craft Sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Black felt
Spooky DIY Ghost Wands materials

How to:

Step 1: Take a small book and wrap your yarn around until it is thick layer.  

Spooky DIY Ghost Wands Step 1

Step 2: Slide the yarn off the book and tie a little piece of yarn along the top of the yarn bunch.

Spooky DIY Ghost Wands step 2

Step 3: Cut another small piece of yarn, and tie it around the center to be the “neck”. Then cut the bottom so loops so the yarn “body” is hanging.

Spooky DIY Ghost Wands step 3

Step 4:  Wrap some fun ribbon around the “neck”.

Spooky DIY Ghost Wands step 4

Step 5: Hole-punch black felt for some eyes and a mouth. (You can use any material for this that you want) and glue the eyes & mouth on.

Spooky DIY Ghost Wands step 5

Step 6: To finish your Spooky DIY Ghost Wands insert the craft stick into the middle of the yarn ghost, it should just stay in there but if not you can add a little glue!

Have a fun photoshoot with your babes and their new Spooky DIY Ghost Wands!

Spooky DIY Ghost Wands finished

Pro-tip: You can also hang the yarn ghost on a string to make a spooky ghost garland!

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