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DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops

Make your Halloween party a graveyard smash with these DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops!


DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops Ingredients

How to:

Step 1: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and insert the lollipop stick into the Oreo cookie to start making the DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops.

DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops Step 1

Step 2: Melt the candy melts in the microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between each round until completely melted. Pro tip: I added some of the white candy melts to the green to make a lighter shade!

Step 2

Step 3: Use a fork to dip Oreos in candy melts until covered on all sides and place on parchment paper. 

DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops Step 3

Step 4: For the mummy cookie pop let the pop sit for 5-10 minutes to dry then, use a fork to horizontally drizzle additional white candy melts over the cookie to give a layered look and add two eyeball candies.

Step 5: For the monster cookie pop, while it is still wet decorate with eyeball candy and sprinkles. 

Step 6: For the Frankenstein cookie pop, break pretzel sticks in quarters and push two into each side of the cookie. (Make sure to do this before the candy hardens!) Then, use black sparkle gel icing to add hair, scar, and smile and stick on eyeballs!

Step 7: Let the DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops cool completely, you can place in the freezer to speed up the process. (About 5-10 minutes)

DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops Step 7

After your DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops have cooled, tie the string in a bow to decorate (optional), serve, and enjoy!

DIY Monster Mash Cookie Pops Finished

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