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Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows

Make your front lawn the most stylish on the block with these Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows!


Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows Materials

How to:

Step 1: Cut the .5″ Dowel into two 1′ pieces

Step 2: Using a drill, predrill holes for the screws

Step 3: Screw the .5″ dowels onto the 1″ dowel about 1′ from the top

Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows Step 3

Step 4: Using about 3′ of burlap fold in half and hot glue the sides then turn inside out.

Step 5: Place the burlap bag over the dowel and glue the back of the “head” to the back of the dowel (this will help keep the head from spinning around)

Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows Step 5

Step 6: Using newspaper stuff the head of your Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows.

Step 7: Take some Rafia or ribbon of your liking and tie it around the bottom of the head to keep it closed

Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows Step 7

Step 8: Take your desired tutu and dress your Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows.

Step 9: Stuff the tutu with newspaper (it may take a bit of maneuvering and fluffing to get the desired shape, be patient!)

Step 10: Using yarn and a large needle thread it through the burlap to create a “mouth” as well as “eyebrows”

Step 11: Using a hot glue gun and buttons of your choice glue a couple on top of each other for the eyes and then onto the “face”

Step 12: Cut out a small diamond shape for nose and glue that on as well

Step 13: Using rafia create whatever hairstyle you want, get creative!

Step 14: Finally, accessorize your Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows! 

Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows Step 14

Put your Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows on your front lawn and decorate with haystacks and pumpkins!

Plum Perfect DIY Scarecrows finished

About the Creator!

Austin Riel is an interior designer based in Los Angeles. Over the years Austin has worked in Hospitality and Events working with great teams producing events from fashion to premieres to retail pop-up spaces.

What has always been a hobby and side gig’s designing his friends’ apartments and homes he has now been able to turn his hobby into a career. He has always had a keen eye for design. With his knowledge, he gained from the events and hospitality industry and working for a boutique design firm building out retail spaces he has been able to take what he has taught himself and learned into what he creates now. 

You can follow Austin on Instagram @austinriel to see more designs, renovations, and home makeovers!

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