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Easy DIY Starbucks Cup Costume

Give your babe a caffeine buzz with this Easy DIY Starbucks Cup Costume!


  • 2 sheets of tan felt
  • 2 sheets of ivory felt
  • 1 sheet green felt
  • Green heat transfer vinyl
  • Ivory tutu
  • Headband
  • Hot glue or fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • iloveplum Pearl Tutu
DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Materials

Step 1: Cut your tan and ivory sheets in half the long way.

DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Step 1

Step 2: Upload the Starbucks logo to your design system and cut it with the Cricut. Heat press to one of the tan felt pieces.

DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Step 2
DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Step 2b

Step 3: Fold your ivory pieces like an accordion & hot glue the ends together.

DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Step 3

Step 4: Once they’re dry, glue them to the headband with hot glue.

DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Step 4

Step 5: Roll your green felt and glue the ends to make the “straw”
Glue to the back of the ivory “whipped cream” topping for your DIY Starbucks Cup Costume.

DIY Starbucks Cup Costume step 5

Step 6: Attach the two tan pieces with glue to make the cup holder like a belt.

DIY Starbucks Cup Costume Finished

Pro-tip: Get a paper bag from Starbucks for your babes “trick-or-treat bag” to complete the DIY Starbucks Cup Costume!

About the Creator!

Jen is a mama of two & a former kindergarten teacher who shares tons of activities and DIYS for her kids. Her page @jensgatheringnest is full of the things she’s most passionate about such as home decor, DIYs, motherhood & lifestyle.


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