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DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas

Plum-ify your Halloween Decor with these DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas!


DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas Materials

How to:

Step 1: Using your pumpkin of choice in size, take your elastic band and wrap around the pumpkin to determine the size. 

Step 2: After cutting your elastic overlap the ends by 3″ and glue with a hot glue gun.

Step 3: Cut a bunch of the tulle into about 8″ strips.

Step 4: Tie each strip of tulle around the elastic until the entire piece of elastic is covered. When finished it should look like a tutu skirt!

DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas Step 4
DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas Step 4b

Step 5: Use mod podge for the stem of the pumpkin and cover it in glitter for a little more whimsy! 

Step 6: Glue your fake eyelashes and any accessories onto the pumpkins and put on the tutu to bring your DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas to life!

DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas Finished

Place your DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas around your house, in your babe’s room, or as table decor at your Halloween party!

DIY Prancing Pumpkin Ballerinas DInished

About the Creator!

Austin Riel is an interior designer based in Los Angeles. Over the years Austin has worked in Hospitality and Events working with great teams producing events from fashion to premieres to retail pop-up spaces.

What has always been a hobby and side gig’s designing his friends’ apartments and homes he has now been able to turn his hobby into a career. He has always had a keen eye for design. With his knowledge, he gained from the events and hospitality industry and working for a boutique design firm building out retail spaces he has been able to take what he has taught himself and learned into what he creates now. 

You can follow Austin on Instagram @austinriel to see more designs, renovations, and home makeovers!

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