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DIY Garden Fairy Costume

Create a little magic with your babe with this DIY Garden Fairy Costume!


  • Silk flowers. I bought mine at Michaels.
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Scissors (possibly wire cutters)
  • iloveplum Lucy Tutu
  • Fairy Wings
DIY Garden Fairy Costume Materials

How to:

You will start by creating your DIY Garden Fairy Costume Flower Crown!

1. Select Your Flowers

I bought my artificial flowers at my local Michaels and they were all 50% off! I purchased baby’s breath, purple daisy’s, purple peonies, and greenery.

You can’t go wrong with wild daisy’s apple bottoms, dahlias, berry spray, lambs ears, lilac, eucalyptus, etc. You’ll also want to choose flowers with varying sizes, textures, and colors. For each crown, I would get one or two large blooms and two or three smaller blooms to use as accents. In addition, choose a few stems of greenery and or babies’ breath to act as filler.

DIY Garden Fairy Costume Florals Step 1

2. Make the Base

To create the base of your DIY Garden Fairy Costume Flower Crown, measure the floral wire around the head. I simply measured my toddler’s head and trimmed floral wire (wrap around twice) and cut with wire cutters.

3. Trim Flowers

This can be tricky. You want to leave enough stem so that you can wrap the floral tape around the stem and then the wire. If you cut too short or just take the flower itself, it won’t stay in place on the crown.

DIY Garden Fairy Costume Step 3

4. Use Floral Tape to Wrap Flowers Around Crown

I start by wrapping the floral tape completely around the wireframe for a base. Start with the largest blooms (in my case the purple peonies) and place them where you’d like them. If your stems have wires in them, you can simply wrap the wires around the base of your crown. I think that is the easiest.

If not, use floral tape and wrap it multiple times around the trimmed stems of your blooms.

Next, add all the greenery/baby’s breath around the crown wrapping with floral tape. Cover your entire loop with greenery. Floral tape gets sticky as it stretches, so pull firmly to keep the flowers in place.

Then, add your smaller flowers. Keep the flowers facing one direction as you move around the crown. Also, keep flowers facing outward.

DIY Garden Fairy Costume Flower Crown finished

If you have a wild child like me, reinforce the flowers with hot glue. You can also secure the crown on her head with bobby pins. If you have any gaps in the crown, simply fill your DIY Garden Fairy Costume Flower Crown with your filler flowers like baby’s breath.

Dress your babe in her DIY Garden Fairy Costume and let her spread her magic!

DIY Garden Fairy Costume
DIY Garden Fairy Costume Disassembled

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Hi, I’m Mackenzie Biehl, I live in Tallahassee Florida with my husband/BFF, hilarious and adorable toddler, Harper, sweet baby boy, Hudson, and 70 lb Goldendoodle, Brody. Besides working full-time in senior healthcare, I’m an Instagram “mom-fluencer”, motherhood and lifestyle blogger, and passionate family content creator.

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