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Easy DIY Candy Turkeys

Enjoy a sweet, chocolate Thanksgiving treat with these easy DIY Candy Turkeys!


  • Reese’s cups
  • Mini Reese’s cups
  • Chocolate icing 
  • White sugar pearls
  • Reese’s pieces
Easy DIY Candy Turkeys Ingredients

How to:

Step 1: “Glue” the mini Reese’s on top of the large Reese’s with the chocolate icing.

Easy DIY Candy Turkeys Step 1

Step 2: Take each Reese’s pieces & fan them along the top, “glue” each one on with chocolate icing. You can layer them to get a more full look! 

Easy DIY Candy Turkeys Step 2

Step 3: Cut a yellow Reece’s Pieces in half for the “beak”.

Easy DIY Candy Turkeys Step 3

Step 4: Add the “beak” & the pearl sprinkles as eyes with the icing.

Easy DIY Candy Turkeys Step 4

There you have it, Easy DIY Candy Turkeys! A quick & easy Thanksgiving treat for your kids! 

Easy DIY Candy Turkeys Finished

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