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DIY Turkey Headband

Make a fun Thanksgiving headpiece fo your babe with this DIY Turkey Headband!


DIY Turkey Headband Materials

How To:

Step 1: Use your pom pom maker to make a large brown pom pom. This will be the turkey’s body.

Step 2: Secure the pom pom to the headband using hot glue and a scrap piece of felt.

DIY Turkey Headband Step 2

Step 3: Draw and cut out a turkey head and neck shape on the stiff brown felt. Cut out pieces for the beak (yellow), eye (black), wattle (pink or red). Hot glue pieces on turkey head.

DIY Turkey Headband Step 3

Step 4: Place and hot glue turkey head onto the body to create your DIY Turkey Headband.

DIY Turkey Headband Step 4

Step 5: Hot glue 4-5 feathers towards the back of the turkey and trim where necessary. 

DIY Turkey Headband Step 5

Dress your babe in her iloveplum tutu and her DIY Turkey Headband and she is all set for Thanksgiving day!

DIY Turkey Headband Complete

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Hi there! My name is Melody Peralta, a holiday-loving, DIY & craft-making, motherhood, and lifestyle influencer from Southern California.

I’m also a military spouse, elementary school teacher, and have an energetic toddler named Izzy. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, party planning, and dabbling in home interior design.

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