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DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft

Everyone loves pumpkin pie so make one that lasts forever with this DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft!


  • Felt (about 2 sheets of each color: orange, cream and tan)
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Triangle stencil
  • Pen
DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft Materials

How to:

Step 1: Put the triangle stencil onto the felt and trace (trace on the tan and the orange) making 7-8 triangles. Hot glue the orange triangle on top of the tan.

DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft Step 1
DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft Step 1b

Step 2: Cut strips of tan to make the pie crust. (make a wavy design with the crust and glue each fold down) 

Step 3: Cut small circles on the cream felt. (I used a salt shaker to trace the circles) 

DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft Step 3

Step 4: use three circles for each DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie. Pinch each circle together with hot glue. After you have three of these glue them all together on top of the pie!

That’s it! Your babes can use this DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft in their play kitchen and serve up their own Thanksgiving dinner!

DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Craft Finished

About the Creator!

Hi my name is Rene and I’m a stay at home Mama to two cuties! I have always had a love for all things DIY!

I love creating any chance I get! Fun fact I use to have my own Etsy shop but then I had babies and that was put on the back burner. I hope to one day get back into it! You can follow along with me on my Instagram @rene.gowen.

From the plié twist sweater collection. An ultra soft ballet sweater with twist detail. 

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