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Easy Handmade Gratitude Bracelets

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to sit down with our girls to talk about all the things we are SO grateful for this year! One thing we love to do together is craft, so I knew my girls would love to create their own handmade gratitude bracelets.

These handmade gratitude bracelets are such a simple, yet sweet activity you can do with kids of all ages, or even with a group of your girlfriends! My hope is that our girls can look down at their bracelets as a gentle reminder of how blessed we are. 


Easy Handmade Gratitude Bracelets Materials


Step 1: Have your little ones decide on a word of something they are grateful for!

Easy Handmade Gratitude Bracelets Beads

Step 2: Have your babes find all the letters they need for their word for their handmade gratitude bracelets. (For our younger two, I gave them large beads and pipe cleaners to easily string on beads. While my oldest daughter and I, chose to use elastic string and clay beads for a more sophisticated look!)

*Tip: When tying off your elastic string, make sure to pull TIGHT and knot at least three times, I typically tuck in the loose ends inside the beads that touch the knot. 

Easy Handmade Gratitude Bracelets
Easy Handmade Gratitude Bracelets 2

We shared lists and talked about all sorts of things we are thankful for while we made our Handmade Gratitude Bracelets and will all be rocking them to our Thanksgiving dinner!

Easy Handmade Gratitude Bracelets 3

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About the Creator: 

Hi, I’m Brittany, I live in the Chicago suburbs and am a former teacher turned to stay at home mom to three of the sweetest little ladies, Avery (6), Emerson (4), and Isla (2). I thrive on making everyday memories and love sharing fun and easy ways to make everyday feel like an adventure with your kids.

Our days are typically filled with tutu twirling, dancing, crafting, lego making, and LOTS of iced coffee sipping and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to come to say hi over on Instagram at @snyderfamilyco!

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