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Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags

Personalize your Christmas stockings with these Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags!

What you need:

  • Wood tagsI got these at hobby lobby, but any craft store and even amazon will have these. 
  • Letter stickersI got these at Micheal’s and I love the mid-mod font.
  • Ribbon – Anything will do, but remember for it to be small enough to fit through your hole. 
  • Gold glitter spray paint – I got this at Micheals and this one small can was the perfect amount for 4 tags.
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags Materials

How to:

Step 1: Drill holes in your tags (you can find tags that already have holes I just couldn’t find any this large which was my preference) and paint them white. I did two coats. 

Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags Step 1

Step 2: Once completely dry add letters.

Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags Step 2

Step 3: Spray paint with gold glitter and once completely dry remove letters. I used the acrylic paint and had the small paintbrush handy in case I was in need of any touching up, but luckily they were perfect.

Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags Step 3

Step 4: Loop your ribbon through your DIY Stocking Tags and they are ready to hang!

Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags Step 4
Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags Finished

Hang your stocking with your DIY stocking tags by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there!

Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags with Goldie
Easy 4 Step DIY Stocking Tags with Goldie

About the Creator!

Oh hey! I’m Chelsey. My husband, a three-year-old and I currently live in Sunny Southern California. We are expecting a baby brother in January!

Photography is my passion and I love to take pictures of my daughter Goldie in all of her cute get-ups! Come follow along for some creative inspo @chelseyteagan! Xoxo

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