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Easy, Inexpensive DIY Paper Bag Stars

Turn your babe’s bedroom or playroom into a winter wonderland with these easy, inexpensive DIY Paper Bag Stars!

What you’ll need:

  • 10 Paper bags 
  • Glue
  • Scissors
DIY Paper Bag Stars Paper Bags

How to:

Step 1:Lay a paper bag on a flat surface (folded side down) and glue a second bag on top facing the same direction.

DIY Paper Bag Stars Step 1

Step 2: Repeat previous this step with the remaining bags.

DIY Paper Bag Stars Step 2

Step 3: Then, use your scissors to shape the top of the bags into DIY Paper Bag Stars. Be creative with this and try different techniques and sizes!

DIY Paper Bag Stars Step 3

Step 4: After cutting, open up your star and glue the two remaining bags together to close your star.

DIY Paper Bag Stars Step 4
DIY Paper Bag Stars Setp 4b

Hang your DIY Paper Bag Stars in your babe’s playroom or bedroom and enjoy!

DIY Paper Bag Stars Finished

About the Creator:

Hi, I’m Sierra! I live in Fort Worth, TX with my husband James, and daughter Violet (1). I am a former designer turned SAHM and I couldn’t love it anymore!

I love to celebrate the magic of each holiday and seeing it through my daughter’s eyes makes it that much sweeter! I enjoy everything DIY, parties, and crafts, plus I have a knack for finding the best budget-friendly finds!

Come say “Hi” and follow along on Instagram @sierralmiller or check out my blog:!

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