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DIY Magical Valentine’s Fairy Garden

Throw an epic Galentine’s Day party with this DIY Magical Valentine’s Fairy Garden!

What you’ll need:

How to:

Step 1: Put down a disposable tablecloth so the surface does not get messy. Kits included acrylic paint so it’s best to push sleeves up and wear an apron.

Step 2: Layout your wood items (wooden house, fairy, and fairy door) and paint them your favorite colors!

DIY Magical Valentine's Fairy Garden Step 2

Step 3 : Glue on the door and place painted items to the side to dry.

Step 4: Take the plastic saucer, which will be the bottom of your Valentine’s Fairy Garden, and fill with soil.

Step 5: Use a heart cookie cutter and place it towards the front of the garden, pushing into the soil.

Step 6: Snip a tiny hole at the corner of the plastic bag of sand so it can fall out slowly, Fill a thin layer of sand to cover the inside of the heart cookie cutter to the edge. Lift cookie cutter and a sand heart will be left behind!

Step 7: Place the fairy house to the back center of your Valentine’s Fairy Garden. Decorate with stickers!

Step 8: Place the rest of the jewels, sand, stones, and all fairy findings to where you think look best (you can also snip the other colors of sand and put them anywhere you think will look pretty)

DIY Magical Valentine's Fairy Garden Steo 8

Step 9: Add the succulent and flowers to your Valentine’s Fairy Garden.

DIY Magical Valentine's Fairy Garden Step 9

Step 10: Add the river rock with your babe’s name and ladybug on top.

Step 11: Tie the tulle ribbon around the fairy for wings and add the flower by wrapping the stem around the fairy.

DIY Magical Valentine's Fairy Garden Step 11

Grab your gal pal’s and admire your new Galentine’s DIY Magical Valentine’s Fairy Garden!

DIY Magical Valentine's Fairy Garden Finished

About the Creator!

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