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DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines

Take your Galentine’s Day party to the next level with these Paper DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines!

What you’ll need:

  • Scrapbook paper – 12×12 sheets
  • Low temp. glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Ruler or yardstick
  • Pencil
DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Materials

How to:

Step 1: Measure your black scrapbook paper (or whatever color you’re using for the outside tube of the lipstick) 2 inches across and then use your ruler or a paper cutter to cut 2-inch strips until you have 6 pieces.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 1
DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 1b

Step 2: Measure the gold paper (the inside tube of the DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines), 4 inches across your paper and use your scissors or paper cutter to cut the hold into strips – you’ll get 3 gold strips (I used gold glitter – you can use a different color if you prefer no glitter). You can also cut the strips in half to double your amount

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 2

Step 3: Next, you’ll take whatever colors of scrapbook paper you’re going to use for the “lipstick” part of your DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines (I used bright and light pink, red, a light tan, and a coral) and you will measure 6 inches across. Use your paper cutter or scissors to cut directly down the 12×12 scrapbook paper – giving you two pieces of each color.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 3
DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 3b

Step 4: Once your colored sheets are cut, you will need to slant these to give it the look of being lipstick. Using your ruler or yardstick, start in the corner of your 6-inch colored piece and cut a slant to your desired angle.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 4

Step 5: After all your paper is cut (black, gold, and the colored sheets) you will start to roll them. First, start with the black and roll it until the diameter is about two inches (you can do more or less). You will want to use the low temp. glue gun to glue down the edges once it’s rolled and at your desired size.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 5

Step 6: Next, you will roll your gold paper to be the inside tube. You will want this to be a little smaller in diameter than the black so it fits inside the black. Do the same by gluing the edges down once it’s rolled. Once you’re finished with the gold, you can slip it right inside the black base of your DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 6

Step 7: Next, you’ll roll the colored, slanted pieces. This will essentially be the “lipstick” for your DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines. Roll these and again, glue the edges once they’re rolled. You will want to make sure the colored piece fits inside the gold tube. Once it’s rolled, you can cut/trim the bottom of the colored sheet to make your desired height for your lipstick (I chose 7 inches, so I cut off 5 inches). You can judge this but slipping it into the gold to see what it looks like and then cutting by discretion.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 7

Step 8: Put your gold tube inside your black and then the colored sheets inside the gold, and your lipstick will be assembled. 

Step 9: If you want to fill your DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines with items/candy to be Valentine’s, you’ll want to cut out a circle of your black paper and glue this to the bottom of the gold on the bottom side. This will create a closing so candy or items you put inside don’t fall out. You can also just use these for decoration and do not have to close the bottom.

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Step 9

Step 10: If you wish, you can print off little tags to glue to the outside of your DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines. Mine said, “Happy Galentine’s Day!, Pucker Up, Valentine!, I Chews You!, and Team Kisses!”

You’ll have the cutest DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines that are the perfect shade for everyone!

DIY Lifesize Lipstick Valentines Galentine's Day

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