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Easy 5-Step DIY No-Sew Bunny Bag

Your babe will head into spring in style with this Easy 5-Step DIY No-Sew Bunny Bag!

What you’ll need:

No-Sew Bunny Bag Materials

How to:

Step 1: Cut two circles out of the felt and a pair of bunny ears. ( I used a paper plate as a template for the circle). 

Step 2: Glue the circles together, leaving an opening at the top. Then place the bunny ears how you would like them. 

Step 3: Print out @threadmama_story floral printable and gather any other embellishments to jazz it up.  I used the floral paper printable to decorate the ears and made a floral crown.  

Step 4: Braid yarn together to create a strap for your No-Sew Bunny Bag. Glue the strap to the side of the purse. 

Step 5: Optional: Use embroidery thread and create the eyes and nose( you could also use paint). 

No-Sew Bunny Bag FInished

Give to your babe and let her fill her new No-Sew Bunny Bag with lots of Easter goodies!

About the Creator!

I’m Britt, a desert dweller, and mama to 3 (Ford, Oaks, and Poppy).   I am an influencer who loves to blog and create.  In my “child-free”  days I was a freelance fashion stylist. Since adding three tiny members to my tribe, I have traded the boujee brunches and all-day photoshoots for kids’  tutus, snapbacks, and graphic tees. Follow along @ledgerandmajor!

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