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5-Step DIY Book Garland

This 5-step DIY Book Garland is sure to get you and your little’s in the back to school spirit!

What You’ll Need:


How to:

Step 1: Grab your scrapbook or colored paper and cut out the shape of a rectangle, then fold down the middle. This will be your “book cover.” Do this for as many mini books that you would like to make.

Step 2: Next, do the same thing for the “pages” to go inside of your mini books. I used an old atlas for mine, but newspaper, old books or magazine pages would also work!

Step 2

Step 3: To assemble the mini books, grab a “book cover” (the scrapbook paper) and some of the “pages” to go in the middle of the book. Clip one of the clothespins in the middle of the “spine” of the book so that it holds the “book cover” and “pages” all together. Do this to all of the “book covers” and “pages.”

Step 4: Lastly, tuck a strand of bakers twine or yarn under the clothespins so that each mini book will hang from the twine.

Now hang up your DIY book garland and have story time with your babes!

DIY Book Garland

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