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Easy 2-Step Spider Oreo Treat

These 2-Step Spider Oreo Treat are as quick to make as they are tasty!

What You’ll Need:

Spider Oreo Treats Materials

How To:

Step 1: Start by placing 6 pretzel sticks (3 on each side) between the Oreo.

Step 1

Step 2: Next, using the food gel, stick 2 eyes on on side of the Oreo.

Step 2

Now place them on a cute platter and enjoy your 2-Step Spider Oreo treats!

Spider Oreo Treats

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About the Creator!

I’m Becca, a stay at home mom to a 3-year-old + 1-year-old. My little family and I live in Vermont. I am originally from Canada but moved here when I met my husband.

I love photography, crafting, and making treats with my kids. Follow us along on Instagram @beccadutkiewicz.

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