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4 Step DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book

I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine….with this DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book!


  • Old brown book, i.e encyclopedia from Goodwill store
  • Mini Rubber Snakes
  • Plastic eyeball (we got ours from Spirit Halloween!)
  • Metallic markers or metallic paint
  • Glue gun
  • Superglue
  • Scissors
DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book Materials

How to:

Step 1: Use metallic markers or paint to color 3 mini snakes silver and the remaining (3-4) snakes brown. 

DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book Step 1

Step 2: Start creating your DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book by hot gluing the eye centered along the front edge. Follow by super gluing one silver snake straight along with the front cover (closest to the spine of the book) and then the two remaining silver snakes to the top right and bottom right of the bookmaking a figure-eight pattern. For these two, it is easiest to cut the snake in two for it to lay flat and stay glued down. 

DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book Step 2

Step 3: Cut the heads off the brown snakes and super glue rubber bodies down as the scar line randomly roped around the front cover.

Step 4. Use the gold metallic marker to go over the brown snakes (scar line) with stitch marks and the silver marker to make a circular pattern around the eye. 

DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book Step 4

Put on your witch’s outfit and start brewing up some potions using your DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book!

DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book Finished

About the Creator!

Hi, I’m Shannon (Mama to the Johnson girls)! I live in Bettendorf, Iowa. I’ve recently transitioned from a working woman in the corporate world to a full-time mama to my three little girlies, Kennedy (5), Cameron (3), & Emerson (1). My passions are Jesus, my girls, their matching wardrobes, and being anywhere with sand, sun, & water. 

You can find me chasing my wild warriors all day long from our playhouse tea parties to backyard yoga sessions all while eating way too much sugar, being way too loud, and praying my girls always view the world with rose-colored glasses (with sparkling glitter frames, of course)! 

I hope you enjoy this 4 Step DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book. You can follow me on Instagram at @shanjohnson85!

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