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Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

This Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft is an easy and fun addition to your home for the Halloween season!

Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

What you’ll need:

Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

How to:

Step 1: Using your knife, cut a small piece off the side of the styrofoam ball so it will sit flat and not roll. 

Step 2: Tear off two pieces of wax paper and place one on your work surface.

Step 3: Using your knife, cut off a piece of air-dry clay, about the same size as your styrofoam ball. Roll it between your hands to to make it even and round and place it on your wax paper. Cover it with your second piece of wax paper. 

Step 4: Use a rolling pin to roll out your clay into a thin, flat layer- about the thickness of a store-bought pie crust. 

Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

Step 5: Drape the thin layer of clay over your styrofoam ball and use your hands to smooth it around the form. 

Step 6: Use your knife to cut off the excess, leaving about a quarter inch of extra length. 

Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

Step 7: Use your fingers to smooth out the excess clay, making it look like the clay, or “candy coating”, is dripping off the ball and pooling below the “apple”. 

Step 8: Take your cake pop stick or dowel rod and insert it into the top of the ball. This will be the stick of your candy apple. 

Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

Step 9: Let the clay dry over night. 

Step 10: Once the clay is dry, remove the stick, apply hot glue to the end, and re-insert it into the ball to secure. 

Step 11: Choose two different colors to paint your apple, one for the color of the apple and one for the color of the candy coating. Starting with the apple color (I used pink), begin painting at the top of your styrofoam ball by the stick. Paint about half-way down.

Step 12: Next, use the color of the candy coating (I used black) and start about a quarter of the way down from the top (you will cover some of the first color) and paint the rest of the apple. This will give the illusion of the candy coating covering the apple. 

Step 13: Let your paint dry, then paint the entire clay apple with glossy Mod Podge to give it the same “sheen” as a real candy apple! 

Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft

Step 14: Optional: use paint, sequins, beads, etc. to add “sprinkles” or other decorations. I used some bat clips from the Dollar Tree to accessorize the stick of the Clay Candy Apple Craft! 

Now your Cute Clay Candy Apple Craft is complete and ready to showcase in your home for Halloween!

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