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DIY Cardboard Ghost Backpack

Make the perfect backpack for your Halloween trick or treating with this Cardboard Ghost Backpack!

What you’ll need:

How to:

Step 1: Trace and cutout your ghost on the cardboard for the base of the backpack

Step 2: Paint your cardboard shape and let it dry
Step 3: Trace and cutout your felt shapes. Hot glue them to your shape/ghost
Step 4: Cut out your box for the back to collect candy in. It can be as big as you like, just make sure it’s even to create a pocket

Step 5: Again, paint then cover with the felt
Step 6: With hot glue, create a pocket with the cardboard as you can see in the example here. 

DIY Cardboard Ghost Backpack

Step 7: Once the pocket is secure, attach with hot glue again the ribbon for the straps (you could punch holes and tie a knot to secure the ribbon). We fell in love with this velvet ribbon.

DIY Cardboard Ghost Backpack

 Step 8: You can use this to go trick or treating or even as a scavenger hunt around the house 

DIY Cardboard Ghost Backpack

Now your DIY Cardboard Ghost Backpack is done and ready as the finishing touch to the perfect halloween costume!

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