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Let’s Get Mummified

Looking to get wrapped up in an easy 4- step mummy costume DIY, check out this Let’s Get Mummified costume creation!

What You’ll Need:

How to:

Let's Get Mummified

Step 1: Cut stripes out of the sheet or pillowcase. It is better to just cut a small slit and then rip the remainder of the way to give it a weathered appearance

Step 2: Once you have all of your strips, take about 5-6 strips and roll them up. Prepare your rit dye and then dip each fabric roll about ¼ the way into the water so that the dye travels up each roll. Don’t fully submerge the roll.  This technique will give each roll a pink ombre look.

Step 3: After your strips have dried, take a strip and attach it to the tutu using a small safety pin. I attached the first one under the arm so it is easier to conceal. Wrap the fabric around and using a piece of the no sew adhesive tape, tape the end to the beginning of the strip. I used this method so no permanent adhesive was being put on the tutu itself, only the fabric strips. Continue this process around the bodice and arms until you’ve achieved your desired look. I also attached a few strips vertically to hang along the tutu.

Step 4: Using any remaining strips, tie around the head and pigtails

Let's Get Mummified Final Product

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Let's Get Mummified

About the Creator

Hi! I’m Lauren, girl mom of three that loves to celebrate the magic of everyday!  I love to use my creativity outside of the corporate world to party plan, DIY, decorate and inspire others, especially for the holiday! If you get wrapped up in this Let’s Get Mummified DIY, I would love to see it and share it! You can tag me on IG @girlmomandmoore

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