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4 Step DIY Heart Mini Purse

Ready to have some fashionable fun with your favorite Galentines? Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, but a pink Pink Heart Mini Purse is FUN for you!

What you’ll need:

How to:

Step 1: Cut a heart out of paper and trace on the felt (you will need 2 hearts for each purse).

DIY Heart Mini Purse step 1

Step 2: Hot glue heart shapes together leaving an opening at the top. Attach the yarn with a glue gun to make the strap.

Step 3: Gather yarn, ribbon, ornaments, and embellishments to jazz it up and give your DIY heart mini purse some personal flair!

DIY Heart Mini Purse step 3

Step 4: Print a Valentine printable from @threadmama_story and attached with ribbon! 

It’s that easy! Now pair your diy heart mini purse with your favorite iloveplum tutu get ready to step out in style.

DIY Pink Heart Mini Purse!

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I’m Britt, a desert dweller, and mama to 3 (Ford, Oaks, and Poppy).   I am an influencer who loves to blog and create.  In my “child-free”  days I was a freelance fashion stylist. Since adding three tiny members to my tribe, I have traded the boujee brunches and all-day photoshoots for kids’  tutus, snapbacks, and graphic tees. Follow along @ledgerandmajor!

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