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Festive DIY Cardboard Wand

Start the New Year off with a creative new beginning using our perfect Festive DIY Cardboard Wand!

Festive DIY Cardboard Wand

What you’ll need:

Festive DIY Cardboard Wand

How to:

Step 1: Gather cardboard

Step 2: Draw the outline of the shape that you want the top of the wand to look like onto the cardboard

Step 3: Cut out the shape with scissors

Step 4:  Hot glue cardboard shape to wooden stick

Step 5: Paint and decorate with festive materials!

This festive DIY cardboard wand is the perfect craft for any holiday!

Festive DIY Cardboard Wand

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Adrienne Jennings, @thejenningsmama , is a mom of two little rascals with a flair for the creative and relatable motherhood. She is a freelance photographer, content creator, and before having children was a Kindergarten teacher! Look no further than her page for lifestyle inspo, simple DIYs/crafts, style, motherhood, and big belly laughs about what being a mom is like these days. 

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