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This DIY personalized sash is the perfect addition to your next Shindig. From birthday parties to outdoor events or even photoshoots, this easy-to-make sash will have you feeling unique in your own way!

What you’ll need:

How to:

Step 1: Create your own sash out of big satin ribbon. You can also buy a sash that is already made for you if needed!

Step 2: Carefully glue the overlay mesh on to the sash. Gluing the ends on the opposite side of the sash.

Step 3: Trace and cut out the letters.

Step 4: Glue them to the sash and let dry. Add a FUN tassel at the end!

Step 5: Place the sash over your shoulder and step into your magical moment with your beautiful, personalized sash!

We can’t wait to see what kind of personalized sash you create!

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About the creator

Hi whimsical friends! My name is Kara and I currently call myself a ‘southern mama’ living in Alabama with my family. As a military spouse, we are constantly moving, and because of this I try to add extra magic to our holidays and celebrations for my 3 children. Come say hi over at our Instagram page @whimsicallywonderful where we are always sharing DIY’S magical treats and fun crafts.

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