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Not-So-Spooky 3-Step DIY Candy Charcuterie Board

Elevate your spooky sweets this Halloween with this DIY Candy Charcuterie Board!


  • Round Cheese Board
  • Candy (I chose spooky candy to keep with the Halloween theme but you can pick any of your favorites!)
  • Spooky decor

How to:

Step 1: Start by opening and organizing your candy

Step 2: Begin arranging your candy on the board, starting from the middle and working your way out. I put about a handful of each kind of candy to start and then filled in as needed.

Step 3: Add in any extras and decor to your DIY Candy Charcuterie Board! We added ghost marshmallows and spooky skeleton hands!

DIY Candy Charcuterie Board Finished Prodcut

Pro-tip: You can let your babes use the leftover candy from your DIY Candy Charcuterie Board to decorate their Spooky Halloween Gingerbread houses!

Spooky Gingerbread Houses

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About the Creator!

My name is Jessica Dworkin! I am a wife and mama to two littles living in Southern California. I run an event company called Host Society Events. Every holiday gives me an excuse to decorate, which I love!! When I’m not busy planning parties, I love spending time at the beach and going on adventures with my little family! 

You can follow along my family adventures at @jessdworkin!

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