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13 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar

Last year I started a tradition in our home of starting a Halloween Countdown Calendar, counting down the days to Halloween in an advent calendar style! It was so much fun I continued the tradition this year but instead of doing the whole month of October, this year we are counting down the last 13 days, hence 13 Days of Halloween countdown! I think I will do it this way from now on. It is still fun and exciting but it’s not too over the top for this mama!

This year I decided to go with a spider web theme, and the sparkly tulle spiders went perfectly with the girls’ tutus from Plum NYC! I have the honor of collaborating with Plum NYC and their blog No Frill Just Chill in creating and sharing this fun Halloween Countdown DIY.

I knew right away I wanted to ask my good friend Megan at @finding_foley to design and cut a wooden spider web for me to make this DIY and she more than came through for me! Finding Foley is a beautiful Etsy shop continuously loaded with the most gorgeous seasonal wooden signs that my friend Megan hand makes! I have been a HUGE fan and supporter of her and her work for years! This spider web was designed, cut and shipped to me in under a week and made the perfect statement piece for this DIY.

Spider Web

What You’ll Need:

  • Wooden Spider Web
  • Silver and gold star sequens
  • Black Paint
  • Black, Purple, Pink Tulle
  • Shimmer Thread
  • Black Sparkle Pipe Cleaner
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tags/Envelopes
  • Paint Markers

How To:

Step 1: To DIY this web I painted it black and then carefully used silver and gold star sequins to enhance the tips and lines. Turned out so cool and I love that it has some sparkle!

Step 1

Step 2: After the web was done, I started on the tulle spiders. I had a vision and knew I wanted to do black, purple, and pink sparkle tulle spiders. I ordered the supplies from Micheal’s and got to work. I wrapped the tulle around four fingers on my hand about 4 times, cut it off and tied it in the middle to make a little bundle like shown below.

Step 2

Step 3: The string I used is a pretty iridescent shimmer thread that gave that sider web shine to it. It is perfect! Then I used my scissor to cut the loops of tulle on each side of the bundle.

Step 3

Step 4: Next I just pulled on the tulle to form a ball and trimmed any pieces that stuck out. Basically making a pom! I used black sparkle pipe cleaners to make the spider legs. Using 3 of them I simply twisted them together in the center and bent each out and along the length making them look like spider legs. I used glue to secure the legs deep into each pom. So cute!

Step 4
Step 4

Step 5: I used more thread to tie each spider onto the web one by one and used different colored tags and envelopes as the holders for each days’ countdown note. I used paint markers to write the numbers on each one and spaced them out on the web so the tag colors were not all bunched in groups.

Step 5

Step 6: Each day of the 13 Day Halloween countdown calendar, the girls will get to cut down a spider and read their note to get their prize or instructions for their surprise that day! Below is what I wrote on the back of each one.

  1. It is just 13 days until Halloween, are you excited? Let get ready for all the spooky fun by trying on our costumes and dancing to some spooky tunes!

2. Today your surprise is a delicious treat! Go check the kitchen for something sweet!

3. Grab your boots and your bag, we are headed to pick apples today!

4. Happy Friday! So much to do, grab a fun treat to enjoy too!

5. Today is a day of excitement, grab your pumpkin it time to carve it!

6. A special breakfast plate has been made for you today!

7. After school and after work, today we will boo our neighbors for sure!

8. A little something sweet for you today, take it with you when you play!

9. We are getting close to Halloween, lets have fun tonight and watch a spooky movie!

10. There is a surprise waiting for you on your bed, go and get it before its fled!

11. Two more sleeps till Halloween, lets get candy ready for tricks-or-treats!

12. Tomorrow is the day, can you believe it? A spooky cute sweet today is what you get!

13. BOO! It’s Halloween! Now lets get ready to party and scream!

Now enjoy watching your little’s faces as they open each day of your 13 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar!

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About the Creator!

Lydia D’Antonio (@lydialouiseblog)

Girl mama that loves to create and celebrate holidays! Homeschooling this year and sharing the experience day-to-day throughout the year! Loves to make each day special in its own way, and will always support small shops!

If you make your own Halloween countdown calendar I would love to see it and share it! You can tag me on IG @lydialouiseblog!

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